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The team at East Melbourne Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EMOG) know that every family and baby is different. Pregnancy care at EMOG will be complete, whether or not it’s a straight forward pregnancy.

For obstetric and/or gynaecological care, Dr John Negri is available for appointments. Please contact us via phone or email. Dr Shelley Rowlands is unfortunately not taking any new patients.

Dr John Negri works in both the private and public sector and is accredited to deliver your baby at the Epworth Freemasons Hospital, St Vincent’s Maternity Hospital, Frances Perry House or The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne.

EMOG maintains a modern, up-to-date and family focused approach to pregnancy care that is tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring you achieve a safe and healthy birth and ongoing follow up care and advice.

EMOG’s services include:




Dr Shelley Rowlands founded and worked at EMOG until June 2022 on her retirement from private obstetrics. If you have had any previous pregnancies under Shelley’s care, your notes will remain on file and accessible by Dr John Negri if you wish to return to EMOG for any pregnancy or gynaecological issue.

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