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About Pure Hartley

Prue Hartley is a Midwife/Consultant who has over 10 years clinical experience. She completed her midwifery degree at the Australian Catholic University in 2006 and then worked at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Epworth Hospital, Freemasons Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital and Frances Perry House and in private obstetric practice before joining EMOG.

Prue specialises in preparing women for motherhood and helping parents to become families. She aims to provide pregnant women with high level consistent and evidenced-based information focussing on the physical and emotional side of your pregnancy.

Prue’s work in hospitals with women during birth and in the postnatal period fuelled her passion for antenatal education. Prue has developed this uniquely informative and supportive private tutorial workshop for women and couples that are expecting to deliver by caesarean.

My Caesarean Birth

Prue Hartley of East Melbourne Obstetrics & Gynaecology (EMOG) is an experienced midwife who is offering a private workshop for couples that are expecting to deliver by caesarean section.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • What to bring to hospital
  • Signs of labour and what to do (planned or emergency)
  • Preparation for caesarean section and what to expect
  • Risks involved with abdominal surgery
  • Partner supoort during caesarean section
  • Skin to skin and when to start breastfeeding
  • Having a caesarean section with a epidural or combined epidural and spinal anaesthetic
  • Immediate post birth care and pain management
  • Non separation in recovery
  • Common post caesarean recovery questions

When: You are welcome to attend from 30 weeks
Time: Wednesday evenings
Duration: 1 hour private workshop with midwife Prue Hartley
Cost: $150 per couple (Private health rebate may apply)

Light refreshments will be provided

For bookings contact (03) 9416 1205 (Bookings done according to availability)

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